Mausoleum Licence No. 3348288

Cremation Niches

Cremation is not just a simple alternative.  Cremated remains should be treated with the same reverence and respect as the human body.  Today Cremation is a practice that continues to increase, and is accepted by most religious and ethnic groups.  In the early 1960s, the restriction against cremation was lifted for those of the Roman Catholic faith.

People choose cremation for many different reasons:

  • Cultural or family tradition
  • Environmental concerns
  • Personal preference

There are spiritual and emotional benefits from placing cremated remains in a proper place of burial or entombment. Families and friends have a place where they can focus their remembrance and prayers for the deceased.

Fairview Mausoleum can accommodate cremation urns in one of our eight beautifully crafted cremation walls.  A cremation niche is the name given to the small compartment used for the above ground interment of cremated remains.

Families can choose between cremation niches that have a marble front over the opening of the niche, in which a bronze plaque is affixed indicating the name of the deceased, or glass front niches, if viewing of the urn is desired.  These are all located indoors, which allows visitation year round, regardless of the weather.

There are many options available in regards to price, size of the niche, and location, which staff of Fairview Mausoleum would be glad to discuss with you without any obligation or pressure to purchase.
Transportation is available upon request.