Mausoleum Licence No. 3348288

Mausoleum Casket Entombment

A Mausoleum is a building used for the above-ground committal of a casket.  Fairview Mausoleum contains crypts designed to hold one or two caskets. The building has a large indoor area where memorial masses and committal services are held.

When entombment in a mausoleum is the selected form of committal, the location of the crypt is part of the decision-making. There are different prices for different locations within the mausoleum. The front of the crypt (the part that is visible) consists of a marble stone for indoor crypts and a granite stone for outdoor crypts.  It is on these stones that the name of the deceased is installed or engraved along with any other materialization such as bronze vases, lights or emblems.

The Rite of Committal takes place in the Mausoleum following a Memorial Service or Mass. Following the Committal the casket is then placed into the crypt, and the crypt is sealed, the marble or granite front is put back in place, with the inscription to be added at a later date.

Fairview Mausoleum staff would be pleased to discuss with you the different crypt options available, without any obligation or pressure to purchase.
Transportation is available upon request.