Mausoleum Licence No. 3348288

Bronze Memorials

Memorials are for the living. They provide a permanent place for those left behind to connect emotionally and spiritually with their loss. They provide an opportunity to honour and pay tribute to a person and make a statement about the impact the person has had on his or her family, community, or even the world.

We offer a wide assortment of accessories to enhance and personalize your crypt or niche front. Vases for flowers can be added to a marble-front crypt along with bronze lights. Perhaps you may wish to add a ceramic picture of your loved one or etch a design right into our outdoor granite markers.

Bronze can be added to your granite or marble memorial as well, either in the form of an emblem or even a small statue.

Whichever way you choose to personalize your monument, our Family Counselor can assist every step of the way.