Mausoleum Licence No. 3348288

Plan Ahead

Pre-Need Planning: The Value of Planning in Advance

Fairview Mausoleum provides assistance and guidance to people who are pre-planning their above-ground entombment or interment desires.

We strongly encourage pre-planning because:

• You decide exactly what you want
• Your pre-payment of the option you choose provides assurance that your wishes will be met
• Your family or friends won’t have to make major decisions during an already difficult time
• Your family won’t have to pay for your interment
• You can purchase services at today’s prices, but space the payment out over months or years
• You have a greater chance of getting the crypt or niche you want. Since so many people pre-plan these days, the specific location you have in mind may not be available if not purchased now.

Fairview Mausoleum would be pleased to meet with individuals, couples or families who wish to plan in advance their interment wishes. The different options available can be explained and discussed in a non-stressful and relaxed atmosphere before the need arises.