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Fairview Mausoleum provides for above-ground entombment and is an alternative to in-ground burial. The first mausoleum was built in 353 B.C. to house the remains of King Mausolus in Asia Minor. His mausoleum is now regarded as the fifth of the Seven Wonders of the World. This concept of above ground burial has its roots firmly established in the earliest Christian beliefs: Christ himself was laid to rest in a rock hewn crypt. At one time this most reverent form of burial was only for royalty, the rich or famous. Today the same dignity of entombment above ground, is within the means of just about everyone. Surprisingly, the cost difference between a crypt and traditional burial can be very small depending on the crypt location.

Fairview Mausoleum is constructed with the finest marble, granite, and steel reinforced concrete-the most rigid materials available to modern builders. It is designed to withstand severe weather and to endure through the ages. Each crypt is clean, dry and ventilated through the roof, offering complete protection from the harsh elements of the earth. The spacious chapel allows for large committal and memorial services.


Cremation is not just a simple alternative. The ashes must be treated with respect. Fairview Mausoleum will accommodate the urn of the deceased in one of our beautiful indoor cremation niches. Marble or glass front niches are offered. Prices are comparable to traditional burial.


Pre-planning is the act of making your mausoleum arrangements in advance. It means planning today for an inevitable event. These plans may be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. You can record your wishes for safekeeping. The reasons you may choose to pre-plan are varied. Most people consider the following thoughts:

– You are preparing for the inevitable.

– Ensuring your wishes are carried out. It will be easier to make sound, unhurried decisions. Family members are often not aware of personal preferences and desires.

– The peace of mind that you have done all you can to make this easier for your family. Without prearrangements, your loved ones will be forced to make stressful decisions in the painful days following your passing.

– Availability – If you have the opportunity to purchase nearby plots adjacent to a loved one don’t hesitate. That property may not be available when you have to make the decision.

– Payment over time; in an immediate need situation mausoleum products and services must be paid all at once. It is plain to see how paying in advance is easier to budget for.